The Next Installment - Sweetsauer Photo Contest #2

And here we go. Today's entry includes:
*Something Vintage - Pre-1980
*Something Made of Glass
*Something Made of Wood
*Something Railroad Related
*Something Round

When I first saw the "vintage" option and then 1980, I thought "dang, am I thought old already???" Guess I am! =)

This is an odd little piece and I'm only guessing when I saw it is pre-1980, so forgive me if it's not. This is from Rhyolite's "Goldwell Open Air Musuem", one of my favorite places to go.

For the something made of glass option, I found this fabulous picture of a recent visit to the Bellagio, one of my favorite casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

So many things are made out of wood, but I liked this shot of the boardwalk at Badwater in Death Valley. This is one of the lowest points in the US, a few hundred feet below sea level. That is a dry lake they are walking on and water does sometimes appear out there. Most notably a few years ago, when there were huge floods and enough water for people to go kayaking! I wish I had been here to get shots of that! =)

This is a shot of the old railroad depot at Rhyolite. There are alot of buildings in various states of preservation. Unfortunately, vandals went after this one, so it's all fenced in now. It must have been beautiful once.

Round and round and round we go. This is a close up shot of part of the couch from above. Cool huh?


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