Finals are craaaaaaaaaaaazy!

Finals last semester were a little fuzzy due to the severe (which turned out to be mono) crazy. I cannot believe how crazed I am this semester and it's only going to get worse! **a little hysterical laughing goes here... it's been a long weekend...week..**

I keep telling myself (mostly through the voices in my head) that it is all worth it and that at the end I will (hopefully) be able to get out of here in a couple of years. I think I'll make it...but the lesson plans are killing me! I think I will be starting on them much sooner the next time around.

I also received a very random offer to head off and be a live-in nanny for a couple of months for a friend. More on that later in the week as I am really trying to focus on finals...

The best part about this week.. well two things. Finals will be over as of Wednesday AND I'm off the beach in San Diego area this weekend for a wedding! Can you say play in the sand??? AND dodge waves??? I SURE CAN!

And because I love a blog with pictures because they are fun and stuff, here's another random image from my sister's most recent visit. If it's all sideways, well that is just because I'm too delirious to fix it!

Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese!


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