Wild horses! Real Ones! In the DESERT!

Yesterday, I went over to Death Valley via Death Valley Junction. Last week, I went a similar route and was rewarded with my first siting of the wild horse herd that hangs out around there. They were fairly far off and the pictures were really fuzzy.

These were closer, but still fuzzy (my apologies for the fuzz, but you get the idea). There are four adults and this year two foals! So amazing!

We also went by Rhyolite, which is a very interesting little randomness in the desert near Beatty, NV. Of course, we had to stop at the candy store in Beatty. Mmmm.. can you say Kookaburra raspberry licorice..yum!

I will make a separate Rhyolite related post tomorrow. I had some fun shooting the "open-air museum" that is out there.. =)

It has been crazy around here. Our internet keeps going down.. and we were even without cell phone coverage for part of the day yesterday. If I was a more paranoid person, I would think something was afoot!


Rachelle T. said…
Wow, their gorgeous, lucky you!
I've been here several years and this is only the second time I've seen them! LOVE it!

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