Totally obsessed with SPRING!

I know there hasn't been very much variety lately, but it's SPRINGTIME IN THE DESERT!! It's the only time of year that there is such an amazing array of color!

This is from the newest of the cherry trees in the backyard. My father has been obsessed with having a Bing Cherry Tree for a very long time. Five trees later... we finally have a Tarkanian, which is from the literature, tasty like a Bing, but more drought tolerant and therefore, more likely to happy in the yard.

Isn't Bob cute?? He spends his days hanging out in a little birdhouse that the birds would never use, so we stuck it on the ground. In the evenings, our one outdoor cat sits outside the birdhouse and stares inside. She caught Bob once, but he got away, thanks to our help...

This is the beginning of a bloom (hopefully) on one of the cacti in the backyard. I think it's a prickly pear, but I'm still a little fuzzy on my cactus recognition.

Last summer it had a gorgeous bloom of deep pink flowers. I'll include a pic below too!

Hope spring is arriving for you too!


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