Art fun at China Ranch!

Such a good day! My drawing class went on a field-trip to China Ranch. It is one of my favorite nearby places... especially because of the fantastic banana date shakes - a definite must have for all visitors! (You don't have to have banana, but I think it's soooo much better that way!)

It was an absolutely stunning day - perfect temperature (for me) with a nice light breeze. I went out a little early on my own to avoid all the chaos and took a little walk up the Crack Trail and found a couple gorgeous little cacti in bloom.

The owner, Brian, took us on short little walk through the ranch and talked a little about the geology, critters and the date palms. I have been on one of the autumn walks that Brian guides and he is fabulous! He is very acquainted and loves the uniqueness of the ranch and seems to truly enjoy sharing that knowledge. The next one is later in the fall this year and I think I may need to go again! =)

After several hours, a group of us headed back to Tecopa to eat at "Pastels" which is a fairly new little place out there...fabulous food! I settled on the red beans and rice (which doh! forgot to bring a pic of) with this lovely little salsa and avocado on top. Oh what a little piece of heaven! The menus are always changing, but you will not be disappointed with the food!

An additional little bit of fun is that my art teacher had a large oil painting of hers hanging in the restaurant. We were able to talk about her work and her process on a very informal level - loved it and can't wait to go back! =)


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