Van Gogh is in the air..

For art this week, we are exploring the works of the master artists. We were to select a drawing done by a master - I chose Van Gogh - and copy the piece to the best of our ability.

I chose "Melancholy" by Van Gogh. I have always loved the Dutch artists and grew to love them even more after spending a year in the Netherlands.

Here is my sad little attempt to copy a master.

The second part of the assignment was to choose your own subject and try to "mimic" the style of the artist from the first half.

I spent Saturday out in Death Valley and selected a shot of some ruins to attempt my mimicry. Here is the result.

Poor Van Gogh. I will bet he is rolling over in his grave. I do love this process though. And really enjoyed the time spent in appreciation of this amazing talent - Van Gogh!


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