Welcome to 2009!

Like many people, I make resolutions. Actually, I usually make a little list to remind myself of things I'd like to accomplish each year.

Here are a couple from this year:

- Read a minimum of 60 books (I was a bit of a slacker last year and it's good for the brain)
- Be kinder (I add this to the list every year. No matter how good you were, you can always be kinder and it's a nice reminder to self not to be so cynical all the time.)
- Take more pictures of the family. In looking back through all the pictures of last year, I noticed a distinct lack of people in them. Doh!

I have a few more, but I'll keep them on my list to be checked off throughout the year.

So, what are your resolutions???


for me, one of my resolutions is
- take time with my family
- learn and play fiddle
- find new friends with the blog

Jenn said…
Those sound great! Playing the fiddle is an ambitious one! Best of luck to you!

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