Clearing the clutter and then some...

I am determined this is the year that I will finally clear all the clutter from my boxes that hide out in the garage where I can't see them. It is amazing how much stuff can collect especially when it is "out of sight, out of mind" so to speak. Granted, some of the stuff lurking in the garage is just waiting for when I move and can be released back into use, but there is ALOT that can be done away with, once and for all.

I have found a couple of great websites that I am hoping will help me in this endeavor. I am totally addicted to Real Simple magazine. I think it's the title that makes it so appealing, but it is also full of all kinds of wonderful ideas. And, naturally they have a website as well.. check er out here...

I also apologize in advance for all the updates that may be appearing. I am going to be streamlining my labels again to make it a little easier to create a cloud or something fancy later on..

The other great site, though it seems a little intimidating to me still is FlyLady. I think it's all the baby steps that look scary, but I'm trying. It certainly has the appearance of really being helpful.

Otherwise, I'm focusing on clearing out as much clutter as possible and complete some of the many, many projects I have half finished all over the place. HAHA!

Happy Organizing!


Kim said…
Hello! My favorite site for this kind of thing is Unclutterer. I also recently started a program for myself I'm calling Purge Thursday. Which was really inspired by the book It's All Too Much!

I found your blog I think because google reader suggested it! I love reading about living the simple life and your posts and pictures. are always enjoyable.

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