Tis the season...

Or it was the season.. the season is almost over. I don't get as excited about New Year's as I do the rest of the holidays. I am thinking of trying to create some new tradition this year and see how that goes.. but, I am still searching for ideas.

Mostly, I avoid the parties unless they are given by close friends and spend the evening with family watching the ball drop (unless I fall asleep) and then wake up the next day not feeling any different. It's rather like a birthday isn't it???

This is a random image from my library from a trip out to Scotty's Castle in Death Valley about a year ago. These are tiles that were shipped in to finish a swimming pool (yup a pool in the desert), but were never used. It's an interesting little place out there.

If you ever make it out that way I highly recommend taking both the above and the underground tours.

Happy Holidays!


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