'Tis the season to be crazy!

December is here and it is crazy around my house. I have finals next week, I'm trying to finish some handmade gifts for my sister and family (should have started that much sooner, but I'm determined), and there are all those holiday things to get started.

This coming weekend we are getting a real tree (very un-green I know), but I have been dying to have one for years to have that lovely aroma in the house. There will be plenty of obstacles. We have three cats, all of whom have never been around a real tree and I am only allowed to bring in this tree with the understanding that it is entirely my responsibility (eeek!)

Of course I will be cramming hours of study and finalizing of paper writing into the decorations because I am so ready for festiveness! Many of our neighbors already have their lights up and it's making me anxious to get ours out and all the other decorations as well. There will be plenty of cat-related disasters I am sure. They are all very, very snoopy as all cats are and very prone to destruction.

All in all it will be a crazy holiday season but already feels more exciting than last year so I can't wait!

This is a picture of our kitty Holly from last Christmas. He passed away this last year and I will miss his fuzzy little face under the tree this year. Rest in peace buddy.


moArdy said…
It makes me feel better that I am not the only one who is having to worry about Kittys + Christmas Tree = ?? (most likely disaster)

We are putting up our tree tonight and I'm giving it a good 10 minutes before they knock that sucker over!
faith said…
Our cat, Chloe, is actually pretty good about the tree, thankfully! We keep the ornaments off the lower branches and have never had her try and climb up it or anything. She does like to hide under it and run out to attack me, though.

The brat.

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