Say hello to Feisty!

I don't think I've introduced my crazy little torty Feisty to y'all yet. She's a rescue. She was born under my friend's house as probably a fifth or sixth generation feral kitty. My friend's mom decided one day that she was tired of having all these feral cats (after yet another batch of kittens) and so she rounded up all the kittens (or so she thought).

She is in no way well-behaved. She digs on the furniture (well one chair and we can't figure out why). She knocks EVERYTHING on the floor. She is constantly attacking my crotcheting and her favorite game is to steal anything with fur or feathers on it or stinky, dirty socks and play on my bed with them (usually when I'm trying to sleep).

Originally, I was only going to take her brother, Felix (who was originally known as Tabitha), but just couldn't resist her purr.

Feisty says hello too!


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