Please pass the manners...

Just a little heads up - rant warning! =P

I had the opportunity to go to a community concert tonight. I was a little surprised, not realizing that we had a community choir, but figured it's artsy, cultural and what else would I do tonight??

I had a lovely dinner with my parents and some friends of the family (also not my age, but I've rather reconciled myself to this and it's cool). Then we headed off to the casino for the concert. This really should have been my first clue that something atrocious was a foot, but ya know, in hickville, just about everything happens in the casinos since they are the only ones with the space.

It was a combined concert with the high school choir. Now, again, it is not terribly fair since I was raised in such a talented, artistic community as a kid, but they were okay. The choir director chose a couple of songs that were over their heads and talent level so they were flat, painfully so during one lengthy song. I honestly think time stopped just to torture us for that one, but I digress. I truly (even if it is painful to listen to) support the arts. I think it's great they got out there (I can't personally carry a tune, but I'm not tone deaf either) and did their thing.

What was the most appalling thing of the night was the behavior of the parents and the high school kids AFTER and DURING their performance and even worse during the Community Choir performance later. I would have been in HUGE trouble if I behaved like those parents - talking loudly, getting up and down during the songs, slamming the doors when they came and left and the list goes on.

Just in case you are unaware, let me enlighten you a little about proper concert perfomance etiquette (this is so you won't embarrass yourself).

In general, once the music starts, you don't get up unless there is an intermission, or if you must get up (nature does call) you wait until the end of the song and exit quietly so as not to be a disturbance. Answering your cell phone (which should be turned off) is not appropriate, nor is it generally a good idea to be speaking on said cell phone when you return to the auditorium, gym or wherever the concert is. Cat calling is also generally discouraged unless you are at an interactive melodrama of some kind. Allowing the door to SLAM LOUDLY behind you as you enter or exit (in case there is no usher) is definitely frowned upon.

Our Community Choir has an amazing group of people and some truly talented ones and I find it so sad that it was nearly impossible to enjoy their lovely music because of the lack of manners of PARENTS and their children.

Do yourself a favor if you have kids....teach them some manners..


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