Merry Christmas Eve!

I cannot wait until a little later today when TBS starts it's yearly 24 hours of a Christmas Story. I have missed a couple of my favorites this year (Rudolph was on during something else I got caught up on) and since I haven't broken down and purchased them on DVD yet that's it for me.

I am hoping to catch a Miracle on 34th Street tomorrow - I think that's when I usually catch it. Naturally, I want the Natalie Wood version.. I mean truly is there any other??

Later this evening, my family and I will be dressing up in our "Christmas Pajamas" and heading out to see all the lovely lights on the houses. I may even take a stab at taking some pics of them this year.

The Christmas Pajamas tradition was started by my grandmother I believe when I was younger. She used to pick out pjs and so we always knew what was in them. Then, one year, she wasn't able to send them and my mom took over the tradition. Some years I have bought them, but we always have a new pair of pajamas to open on Christmas Eve before we pile in the car to go see the lights. Of all the Christmasy things we have done over the years, this is my favorite! You can never have too many pjs!

Tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas Day by opening our few presents and sharing a meal with close friends.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!


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