And the book goes on - the Kite Runner (Khaled Housseini)

I finally decided it was time to see what the fuss was all about. I have had several people tell me this was an amazing book and that I HAD to read it. So, finally, I picked up a copy at the local library and took it on.

The Kite Runner is a perfect title and the references to "kite fighting" in Aghanistan are fabulous. It is set in Kabul initially in the early 70's and I was able to see the city through the main characters' eyes as it must have appeared then before all the upheaval. What a beautiful place it must have been.

I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised in many ways. I did not think I would enjoy the story as much or that it would be as easy to read. Housseini definitely has a very easy style and inserts alot of his culture into the book, but in a digestible way so that if you are not familiar with the Afghan traditions you can follow along.

That said, the "secret" that separates the two friends from each other might be difficult for some sensitive folks to digest (especially those with young children). I definitely know of a few people who would not want to be exposed to it and will make sure to tell them.

Otherwise, if you have read the likes of Shantaram and found nothing offensive, this is definitely a book for you.

I found it enjoyable and was touched more deeply than I had thought possible. Naturally, I was disturbed in a few places (being one of those sensitive people I mentioned) but was able to overlook that to see the story of friendship, betrayal and of a young child growing into a man and learning to accept responsibility and find redemption within himself.


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