What are you thankful for??

I'm off to visit family on the coast for Thanksgiving. Ocean, sand, probably rain according to the forecast and the excitement is bubbling away. Since, it is not so coincidentally because of the Thanksgiving holiday that this trip is possible, I thought I would reflect for a minute on a few of the things I'm thankful for - that's what you are supposed to do right??

Here's my list:

My family - without them I would be a much less agreeable human being. It is best to have people who can tell you to stuff but still have to love you because you are related.

My friends - I have been truly blessed to have some amazing friends, who can also tell me to stuff when I'm being stupid and like me anyway.

My critters - nothing is better than unconditional love from a fuzzy little critter who thinks its the coolest thing ever that you just put food in their bowl and can be entertained for hours by a piece of string or a stick.

My freedom - I am so grateful to have the freedom to make this post and am so appreciative of all those who have made this possible, including my father. I hope all our troops feel loved this holiday season.

So, how about it... what are you thankful for??


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