Veteran's Day - Remembering where my dad has been..

My dad went to Vietnam. He doesn't talk about it at all, but that's pretty common among his set. He has recently begun a massive negative scanning project including his Vietnam pictures. He bought the scanner mostly so he could scan and back up all of these images.

Recently, he sent the pic below, with his caption:

"me after I found out where I had volunteered to go, didn't think I would come back.
I had my buddy take my picture just in case I was right."

That's verbatim from the email including the picture. Even though he never talks about it, I always think about him everytime I hear anything about war. Whether it's a historical discussion, or one about the modern events.

I am grateful for his choice to go. He enlisted instead of being drafted. And, I am most grateful that he returned. I wouldn't be here if he hadn't.

To all our soldiers, thank you.


Chris Bowers said…
Say thanks to your pops for me. Without guys like him, none of us would be here.
Kim said…
It's really interesting to see someone else posting something similar to me - I ran across your blog from NaBloPoMo. A while back my dad started scanning his slides from his days in the military including a few from Viet Nam... he doesn't talk about it either.

I posted about it back here.

Thanks for sharing your dad's image and story.

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