The one that got away...

I had a great idea for today's blog. A really, really good one. Unfortunately, I was at work when the heavens opened and bestowed this wonderful idea upon me and I promptly forgot it. Apparently, there is a limit on how long the gifts remain. Guess it is time to start carrying a little notebook around for the next time.

This will just be the one that got away. Until next time.

Just so you are not left completely empty-handed, here is one of my favorite pictures from my recent visit to Washington State. This is a view of the Skagit River from along this trail by my aunt's house. Oh, how I long to be there again! =)


Kristi said…
Hey - I randomized to you from NaBloPoMo. I'm in Washington too - that is a great photo.

Those elusive blog ideas happen to me all the time - most often when I'm in the shower. It's such a GREAT idea, how does it just completely seep out of your head?!? Wonder if they make a waterproof notebook - ?

Good luck with the November posting :)

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