On the menu tonight - French Onion Soup

Oh look at the lovely color beginning on those onions. I posted the recipe for this lovely French Onion Soup a few days ago. I was a little worried as I started the process as I realized that it had been some time since I had eaten French Onion Soup and I began to worry about the flavor. There was no need to worry - it was fabulous, filling and definitely worth all the effort.

The initial prep - the cutting of the onions in particular was rather brutal. Thank goodness that I had help or I may still be trying to cut those little buggers. I was crying from the moment I get into the first onion and all its yummy juices started attacking me... but, oh how yummy.

We had it with a little cornbread and a lovely salad. Definitely not a weekly event, but I will definitely play with the recipe and make it my own.. mmmmm


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