Let there be BREAD!

This was round 2 of me vs the bread recipe that came with my Kitchenaid. Let me just say that I believe it came out beautifully and tasty too! Check out the pretty crust!

Round 1 did not go so well. I got a little anxious toward the end of the baking and decided the bread was done enough.. it is so hard to leave it in there when it smells so yummy!

I also went a little fancy and made pork roast with caraway and paprika, homemade applesauce, gravy and potatoes. Yummy homecooked food! I may have to do this more often!


C. Beth said…
I am so coming over for dinner! :)

Beth (The One Minute Writer--thanks for putting me on your blog roll!)
moArdy said…
That bread looks so good - and now I am extremely hungry, thanks :)

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