Can't bear to have blank spaces...

I really haven't started anything fancy yet, but I can't bear blank spaces, so I'll put something in here.

In my brief little foray into the knitting world. I already feel like I am going to be learning a foreign language. k2, p2??? Hello, does that makes sense to the average person, not really.

Thank goodness, there are a multitude of resources available for the newbies. I have received some wonderful links from a good friend of mine and I also found a couple of promising looking shops over in Vegas for next weekend after payday.

For my first project, I am going to do a scarf. There are a number of reasons really. I love scarves; it should be relatively simple and it will be useful. If it goes well, I may start sending them as presents...

I was introduced to this wonderful thing called organic cotton and I am hoping I can find some in Vegas. Stupid me, I didn't stock up before flying back from Washington.

Friends beware, you may soon be flooded with all kinds of handmade gifts.. lol

Wish me luck!


Liberty's Yarn said…
Are you on Ravelry yet? Whats your user name so I can friend you? =)
Jenn said…
When I wandered over to Ravelry it had a little link to request an invite??? I clicked it, but they haven't sent me anything.. how rude!

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