Calling all newbie scarf patterns!

I visited a great little yarn shop in Vegas yesterday called Gail Knits. It is in this sketchy looking looking strip mall and was a little difficult to find, but the people were nice. I have a couple of others on my list, but this one was the closest to where I was already going to be. They have an open knit any time the store is open and it was really full on Saturday, so that is encouraging as I may need their help if I can't find a group out here in Pahrump.

I wandered around and of course, fell in love with this soft, soft alpaca lovliness, but could not reconcile the price for my first project. Instead, I settled on this cashmere blend, that didn't give me sticker shock and seems promisingly soft for a lovely little scarf. After much discussion, I have a pair of bamboo needles size 9 to start with. Now to find a pattern that will look cute (though I'll wear my creation even if it is the ugliest thing on earth just because I made it) and will be fairly simple for a complete newbie.

This knitting thing is seriously like learning a new language. Here are the details from my yarn, of which I will have to re-decipher as I am looking through the patterns:

4 to 4 1/2 sts=1" (The sales lady said this had something to do with the stitches per inch and it would make more sense once I started looking through my patterns.)
on US #8 or 9 (This has something to do with the need I picked if I remember correctly)

55% Merino extra fine wool
33% Microfiber Acrylic
12% Cashmere

98 yards.

I picked up 3 of them as the sales lady that should be plenty for a scarf. She also pointed out I needed the same color and same lot.... yeah, I had three different ones.. so many new things to learn about!

I also picked up a copy of Stich 'n Bitch, and am happily thumbing through the pages. I love all the pictures!

The biggest problem is going to be keeping the kitty away from the yarn. I made the mistake of leaving the bag on my bed briefly and returned back to my room just in time to snatch my yarn out of her mouth!


danidocrafty said…
two suggestions for the new knitter (especially one with cats)
1. Always knit to the end of the row before putting your work down. Makes it easier to figure out which direction you're going when you pick it back up and there's less of a chance of dropping sts. (Less not none.)
2. Keep your project when you're not knitting it in a bag with a zipper. Zipped. If you don't have a knitting bag with a zipper, zip lock plastic bags work well. Dissuades kitties from running off with your yarns!

Best of luck! Come see us at Knit Las Vegas the next time you're in town.

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