An obsession with feathers...

I recently discovered how cool the macro setting on my digital camera. I posted a few of them already. One of my favorite places to go locally is the duck pond. It may have another name, but no one uses it as often happens in small towns. You know, take a left at the old Seamart and then a right at where Dairy Queen used to be.

The last few Saturdays, I have trucked on over there and found some lovely little gems in the grass. I don't really like ducks, though they are rather amusing when they waddle really fast toward food, but the feathers they leave behind are fabulous.

The variations in color and light remind me of textiles. Can't you just see a dress with those colors?

This lovely little piece of down gives me the impression of old Hollywood glamour with all the feathers and drama.

This last one above is actually a piece of the sage bush in our front yard and gives me the sense of lush cotton.

I love being able to see things in a new way and this has been amazing.


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