I am the pasta goddess!

I purchased my beautiful Kitchenaid stand mixer during one of those sales that don't really save you money, but seem like such a great deal at 2:00 a.m. This was the end of June and since then I have made one attempt at bread, that was tasty, but nothing since. Inspired by my old friend, Liberty and her fellow crafty folks, I decided to make my very own, homemade pasta.

I settled on a simple egg noodle recipe included in the booklet that came with my pasta attachment and selected the macaroni maker. All in all other than the pot boiling over the first time because it was too small, they were very tasty! Nowhere near uniform or even really macaroni like in appearance, but tasty! I added a little tuna, egg and pickles and yummy macaroni, tuna salad was born.

I may even take another at some bread this weekend since it is much more time consuming.


Galorin said…
Dude, homemade pasta is the best! Egg pasta is good, hope you used proper olive oil as well :-)

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