So... what have you been up to?

I have been up to lots, thanks for asking! I recently started a Couch to 5k run/walk program and will be running my first 5k.... eventually. It's slow going. I am way more out of shape than I would like to admit. Remember those days when you could play all day and by play I mean run around like a crazy person and never get tired? Those were good times. It's a shame that we appreciate those days more when we are older. I am starting to sound like those people I thought were sooooooooooooo old when I was a kid, I'm not certain that I approve of this change. I have plans to do lots of fun excursions over the next few months. Well, if you have been around long enough, you know my idea of fun usually entails driving somewhere remote (though not always) taking a bunch of pictures and boring the boogers out of you with all the details when I get back. HAH! And, as always, I must leave you with a photo because that's just what I do. This is from an excursion I took just before I moved back to the desert to the Woodland Park Zoo in Washington State. If you ever get the chance, go there! It's fabulous! I don't, in general, particularly like zoos, and I was happily entertained all day and could have stayed longer.
And, for the the more florally-inclined individuals, there is an amazing rose garden just around the corner. I also am not the biggest fan of roses (they make me sneeze and I get itchy sometimes), but it even impressed me. Ah, what the heck, here's a photo from there also.
HAH! I bet you thought it was going to be a rose! Fooled you! I hope that you are all enjoying life and either content or happy wherever you are.


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