Where have all the pictures gone???

I just realized as I was digging through my photos for this year, that I haven't really taken all that many. Why is this? I love to take photos, bad ones, silly ones, all kinds of photos. I wonder what it is about this year that has made me hit a slump. Could it be all the uneasiness about where I was going to end up this fall?? Or the fact that I am making a huge move soon with more uncertainty about how it is all going to work out??

I really don't know, but now that I'm on to you -- you stifling ogre of my creative expression -- I'll be taking some more photos. In fact, lots more -- take that! **I have also noticed that my battery is dead on my camera, so there will a short delay in the take thatness until it is charged again--oops.**

For now, you'll have to be content with the one I wrangled from my cousin's wedding below:

And a couple from my walk along the beach near an oyster bed at low tide, on Orcas Island.

I had a lot of fun exploring how the macro setting on my little digital can make things look so different, especially how the light is captured differently using that setting.


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