Ahhh... another sunset...

I know... I know... I just posted a sunset pic a few days ago. But.. but... this is just so pretty! I hope you enjoy it too.

I am less than a week away from my first day of class and I'm super excited! I had the chance to go school supply shopping, which is one of my favorite things ever. I also have all my books, folders and notebooks labeled to give my label-maker something to do. Now, just waiting for the financial aid office to get caught up and cut me a nice fat check! wooohoooo!

It's a good reason they are a little behind. Enrollment is up by almost 40%! Which is great for this little campus and hopefully means they will keep us around at least long enough for me to finish my degree! Another woohoo for that!

Happy Picture Making!


septembermom said…
It sounds like you're ready! Good luck. I never tire of pretty sunset pictures. Thanks!
Sabrina said…
Isn't a new school year the best? Oh, I just love learning. I'm one of those geeks who sat on the front row with a sharpened pencil and a clipboard of fresh, lined paper, eager as a beaver.
Jenna said…
Sabrina - I love the first day of school. I really do. I'm a huge nerd and I felt lost when I was not getting ready for school the last few years.

It's the best excuse to go school supply shopping which is like the best ever!

September Mom - Sunsets are literally the best thing about living in the desert I think. =)

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