Yummy...yummy.. salmon!

It is hard to find decent salmon in the desert, shocking I know. I have, however, stumbled upon yummy sockeye frozen steaks at Costco. It's not as good as fresh, but so far I have yet to find a spot where I'm not afraid of what they are selling. The local grocery store gets some yummy looking Copper River Sockeye on occasion, but mostly it's scary looking.

I know I am spoiled, I grew in Alaska and didn't have to go to the store to get fish. It was either self-caught, or given to me by friends. It's crazy now to think how we just handed over fish like it was no big deal - especially after pricing it in the stores - eeeeeeeeeek!

Most of the time, I'm beyond content to just throw a little lemon pepper and some fresh lemon on it, but the flavor in this stuff is not quite as fabulous, so I've been experimenting with other recipes.

For tonight, I found the tasty deliciousness below on the Food Network website:

**As always I omit the stuff I don't like or forgot to get**

Honey-Soy Broiled **Baked b/c the broiler freaks out the smoke alarm** Salmon

2 Tablespoons reduced-sodium soy sauce
1 Tablespoon rice vinegar
1 Tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger
3 salmon steaks (approximately 5 to 6 oz each)

Whisk soy sauce, vinegar, honey and ginger in a med bowl until honey is dissolved. Place salmon in a sealable plastic bag. Add 3 tablespoons of the sauce and refrigerate; let marinate for 15 minutes (mine sat in for about an hour). Reserve the remaining sauce.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line a small baking pan with foil and coat with cooking spray (or lay down leaves of lettuce, I swear it works). Transfer the salmon the pan (discard the marinade). Bake until salmon is cooked through (about 30 minutes depending on your oven). Drizzle with the remaining reserved sauce and serve.

I served it over Basmati Rice and steamed green beans - yum!


Shawna said…
You grew up in Alaska? Can I request a blog on some childhood stories please! :)

Shawna's Study Abroad
Jenna said…
I did grow up in Alaska and I think I could be persuaded to dig out some of the old pics and some stories.. =)

I grew up in Southeast Alaska, so lots of pretty green and fishing.. yum!
Athena125 said…
Self-caught salmon? And you left Alaska? Why, oh why?

Here, if you want really fresh fish, you can go to the local fish farm, and catch your own trout. But salmon... Eh, dreams...
Jenna said…
I know! A little wacky leaving beautiful Alaska. I missed being around my family and they are all in the lower 48 now.. =(

I may make it back up there again someday... **Sigh**

I don't know if I would trust a local fish farm here or anything I caught, but I am planning to go fly fishing sometime this year...

I'll definitely post on the fishing if I ever go! =)

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