Macro heaven - Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #2

I love getting in close with my camera, so it took me a little bit to pick my top 3 and I may spend a couple posts on this part of the Sweetsauer Photo Hunt... just because.

This spring was amazing in Death Valley. I had sooooo much fun taking shots of all the beautiful flowers.

I am in loooooooove, loooooooooove with purple, and it took forever to get this lovely shot of this purple daisyish darling. My favorite part is how you can see the little droplets of pollen on it.

Although this little lovely is just as purple and if you look closely, you'll see a happy little bug hanging out. **If you don't like bugs, just close your eyes and scroll down a little.**

And, finally, I caught another happy little bug enjoying himself on some orange lovelies.

I enjoyed this part so much that I think I'll do at least one more post of macro shots before moving on.

Happy Snapping!


Anna Kauz said…
I really like the 1st one!!
Jenna said…
I think it is my favorite too! Thanks!!! =)
Kristi said…
I also LOVE purple and that daisy is gorgeous!

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