Caturday, a shop update, and I freak out a little...

Okay, so I sort of tricked you with the shop update thing.  But, you are getting to see Fiesty again.  She hasn't made an official blog appearance in awhile, though she is a featured star on my Instagram feed.

I am working on the shop.  Well, mostly I am working on getting stuff ready for my show in May, which is also stuff that will go in the shop, so I guess you could say I am a multi-tasking girl these days.

I have to say though regarding both, it is increeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedible how many little details are involved in setting up for a show and in getting a little online shop ready for business.

I have had some moments like these along the way....

  • What do you want your shop name to be? Sounds easy, but it took me a really long time to finally settle on mine. I mean, I know I can change it, but I wanted to find something I could stick with.  
  • What kind of description do you want your customers to see? Uh.... I have discarded many, many, many... many.... ideas and still working.  I suspect I will finally be inspired when I am somewhere inconvenient like driving down the freeway with no one else in the car. 
  • What do you want your logo to be?  Oh yeah, I need one of those too. 
  • What shop policies do you want? Yikes! Policies sounds so.... shoplike! What do you think I am? Someone who wants to be professional or something? 
  • Do you want pink or purple? (Okay, not really a decision but when I was sitting looking at my shiny shop front with nothing it, I almost felt like it was implied...)
I'm not really as unorganized as I sound up there, but there are definitely moments.  

Then, there's the getting ready for the show in May.  It's not a big show or anything fancy, but I was having an, "Oh my goodness! People are going to be judging ... I mean looking at my work!" freak out a little while ago that went something like this:

  • ACK! I have a 10 x 10 space, do I even have enough to fill that!?!? It seems huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!
  • ACK! It's TWO days long! 
  • ACK! I should probably have business cards?!?! 
  • ACK! I have to design said business cards!?!?!?!
  • ACK! I need a table or some easels or something, right?
  • ACK! I need to find some tables or easels or something! 
  • ACK! I should probably also have an umbrella or some shade-thing for me, or I will look like a lobster afterwards.  

There are alot more "ACKS!"when I think about the show, because the shop... Well, the shop seems more abstract; at least right now.

My "to-do" list is calling me away.  I hope you are all enjoying an ack-free Caturday.  


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