What COULD you be when you grow up??

On Saturday, I was waiting for this Dr. Sketchy art event to start at the Orleans over in Vegas. I sat on a bench outside one of the buffets and watched all the people walking by. As always, there were some seriously odd characters, mostly intoxicated and stumbling or yelling at the slot machines.

Then this little boy and his mom sat at the next bench. She was on the phone rattling away in Spanish and he was watching people.

His mom went to play the slots (don't get me started on having kids in a casino) and he decided to come sit next to me. He tried sneaking over, but I caught him.

I started talking with him and asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. He told me he wanted to be a teacher because his kindergarten teacher was "the coolest ever". We kept talking and then he decided we would play a game....

What COULD you be when you grow up?? Each person has to take a turn and name something..Here are some the ones we came up with:

Astrophysicist - he thought that was very cool and actually seemed to know what an astrophysicist was.

Power Ranger - because then he could save the world.

Rain - because then he could make things grow in the desert. I kid you not that was his reason.

A Rainbow - that was mine...they are just pretty

A Wizard like Harry Potter - this was mine and then he decided that he would be a princess.

A Thunderstorm - because lightning is neat!

It just reminded me of how when we are young the world is so full of possibilities. It's good to remember that dreams are a good thing.

So, what could YOU be when you grow up???


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